Sometimes it's best to choose a separate corset and skirt, other times corset dresses are the way to go. They're simple to put on (and quick to change into behind a stage curtain), and if you've got one of these, you've got a complete outfit except for shoes and accessories. There’s no need to worry about matching colours or contrasting fabrics as the Corset Story designers have done all the work before you click the buy button.

Almost all the corset dresses in our range are suitable for costume parties, stage plays, beginner burlesque (we do have a complete Burlesque Clothing section for those who are more serious), cabaret shows, and renaissance fayres. If you need to outfit an entire dance troupe or Gilbert and Sullivan chorus line we've come to the right place.

Tutu-style dresses are very popular, both with fancy dress costume seekers and stage performers. They have a kind of cheeky charm that works well in modern burlesque and cabaret and are great fun to wear too. Tinkerbell or risqué vixen- that's up to you. Corset outfits with slightly longer ruffle skirts are great for wild west ensembles but work equally well in goth clubs, where they know how to appreciate a good corset and the clothing that best goes with it.

Not all the outfits come with a skirt. Some have ruffle pants instead. These are an excellent choice for two reasons. One, you can pair them up with a simple skirt knowing that the pants will give it volume and bounce, and two, you can always take the skirt off knowing that the audience won't get to see anything more than you want them to!

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