These corset tops belong to the Fashion range. They won't cinch the waist like a corset with steel bones would- most of them have lighter and more flexible acrylic (plastic) boning, which will help the corset keep its shape when worn but won't dramatically change your figure. In some ways they are the lighter, more relaxed end of the Corset Story range.

Many have a distinctly vintage flavour, whether it's a 1920s burlesque look or something a little older. Our Victorian-style bodice corsets are particularly popular, and are carefully designed to recreate a historical period while staying faithful to modern ideas about comfortable clothing. You might want to look like a staid Victorian lady but you don't need to feel like one!

In between those two periods, we've got a range of light-hearted rockabilly corsets for 50s fashion enthusiasts. Old fashioned rock and roll and a bold polka dot corset top- what's not to love about that? The 50s was also the era of the classic pinup, and that means a good corset, killer heels, and a sophisticated look from top to toe.

Of course, not all our tops hark back to a bygone era. There are plenty of modern designs to choose from and some of them pretty innovative, even if we do say so ourselves. We've got a corset for more or less any occasion. In fact, we've got dozens of corsets for any occasion, so there is sure to be a perfect one in the catalogue.

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