Plus size corsets are scattered throughout all ranges, but we thought it might be useful to collect some of the most suitable models onto one page. Here are some of our favourites, garments intended to not just to flatter a fuller figure but also show off your assets to best effect. Corsets can make slim women seem a little curvy but on naturally curvy or generously proportioned women they are absolute showstoppers.

If you have a full figure or a bra size bigger than a DD, steel boned corsets are definitely the way to go. They offer far more support than fashion or acrylic boned options and can provide a level of comfort you might struggle to get from an ordinary bra. The weight will come off your shoulders and neck, encouraging a more upright, comfortable posture. And you'll also get a fabulous hourglass figure!

Corset tops in plus sizes come in a range of shapes too. If you're tall, a longer corset can produce a more streamlined figure, but anyone below about 5'6" should look for a shorter one, otherwise the torso can look long in comparison to the legs. There should be plenty of options when it comes to length, so don't worry too much.

The bust line is also something to look out for.  Corsets with steeply cut sweetheart bust lines will emphasise cleavage very effectively. If you'd prefer to be a little more modest, look for a corset with a more horizontal bust or a sweetheart softened with extra detailing.

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