The waist training collection is made up of our most serious corsets. These are the ones intended for the highest degree of body reshaping and when fully laced will reduce the waist by six or seven inches. The broader Steel Boned collection, which includes a huge range of styles and colours, nips in the waist by between four and five inches. Of course, the waist training corsets are also steel boned- with no less than 24 spiral steel bones, in fact. They are designed, engineered, and tailored to provide unparalleled control, comfort, and shape.

Corsets like these over long periods can be used as a technique to reshape your body permanently, giving you a tiny waist even when not wearing a corset. However, this kind of undertaking is a pretty big deal. Take great care with anything that could have long-term effects on your health and consult a medical professional before you start a major waist training campaign. We'd all like to have a sexy hourglass figure but it's not worth harming your body to get it.

Not everyone wants to permanently reshape their figure, and naturally these waist training corsets can also be worn for short periods, when you really want pronounced effects. It does pay to start off slowly and work your lacing tighter gradually if you haven't worn a tight corset with steel bones before, but that's just common sense.

Once you've got used to them, these corsets can be truly stunning. They are triple layered with fine outer fabrics for a really sensational look and feel. Each one comes with a modesty panel and the lacing and closure systems are of the highest quality. We're confident that you won't find a better corset online or in a bricks and mortar shop.

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