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With a design legacy that spans six centuries, the corset is firmly cemented in dress history as one of the most important garments across the world, constantly evolving with the times whilst retaining its unique premise of shaping the human silhouette. One such fanatic of this most iconic design is Maggie Yan who, along with business partner Chris Rawlings, founded Corset Story in 2008, which began life as a humble eBay store with just $500 worth of stock to its name. Fast forward to 2014, and these two passionate and creative minds have transformed their vision into an international company with over $12 million turnover.

Located in the historic town of Warwick, an area steeped in textile industry history, Corset Story works closely with modern and ethical tailoring bases and boasts sales across 40 different countries, with the biggest selling line being the eponymous corset itself. To ensure a range of pricing is available to suit all, Corset Story’s directors regularly visit their team of specialist tailors, experts in corset craftsmanship. With an unfailing dedication to customer care and service, Corset Story’s fan base continues to expand with over 20,000 unique online hits a day.

While beauty can be found solely in the most exquisitely crafted garments, Corset Story believe that true sophistication and elegance shines through when the wearer not only looks stunning, but feels at their best. With a range that caters for both function and fashion, Corset Story creates garments that are designed with you in mind. For those who want to shape their figures or who want to adorn and accessorize themselves, Corset Story believe in self-expression, championing the individual in us all. We all have our own story; let Corset Story help shape yours.

Our Design Story – ‘Sophisticated Rebellion’

With an innate eye for design from a young age, it was inevitable that Maggie Yan would go on to establish herself as an innovative designer. Born and raised in Southern China, Maggie was passionate about following her dream to create quality design, eventually moving to London to pursue her craft.

Immersing herself in the bustling city of style and creativity, Maggie threw herself into work with a number of world leading brands, meanwhile making ends meet as a fashion model. Rather than viewing this as a move away from her original dream, she soaked up the artistry and imagination that she was surrounded by, observing and learning as she worked. Playing the role of an insider critic, Maggie began to feel frustrated with the lax approach to quality, fit and finish that she believed so strongly in. Armed with a ceaseless determination and boundless vision, she continued on her quest to discover the rare union of individual beauty with unrivalled craftsmanship and attention to detail.

A turning point in her journey came in 2008, when she met future business partner Chris Rawlings. A meeting of creative minds was born and together they formed their first e-commerce business, selling Burlesque, Steampunk and Victoriana inspired corsetry. Ever the perfectionist, Maggie studied the design and improved both the outside appearance and internal comfort of the garments they had sourced. At last, the first chapter had been written; Maggie’s debut collection was a marriage of elegant sophistication, juxtaposed with a rebellious couture nature. The corset design’s championed the tenacity of women through history, reflecting Maggie’s ambition to create her perfect garment. Smashing the metaphorical shackles of which corsets once stood for, the collection was described by Maggie as ‘Sophisticated Rebellion’. Corset Story garments exude elegance and beautiful craftsmanship, but above all passion, individuality and integrity, mirroring the story Maggie’s own journey told.

Women are sophisticated, beautiful and powerful. You are strong, you are the moment. Corset Story fashion celebrates every woman by providing beautiful, crafted designs which are risqué, elegant, sophisticated, and individual. Own it. - Maggie Yan

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