Sensible Advice For Waist Training

Waist Training – Sensible Advice for safe Waist Reduction. Waist training is the process of permanently altering your figure by wearing heavy laced corsets for long periods of time (usually over the course of many months). Although Corset Story “Waist Taming” & “Expert Waist Training” garments are suitable for Waist Training please be aware that there are can be serious side effects to the process for the uninitiated. Corset Story is a leading expert on the design & development of Waist Training Corsets but we always advice customers considering Waist Training to speak to a Medical Professional before beginning. We are not experts on your health, we do not have access to your medical history and the staff at Corset Story are not Doctors. This is your body we are talking about, we want you to enjoy successful results, but not at the cost of your wellbeing. Our staff are here to help you select the perfect fitting corset which is most suitable for your requirements. It would be irresponsible to give advice on Waist Training practices and techniques, we are simply not qualified. If interested in in the process of Waist Training we always recommend you take your Corset Story corset to your Doctor or GP and explain to them exactly what you are looking to achieve. They know your medical history and are there to monitor you throughout the process. Be smart, do your research, understand the risks, make sure you are supervised.

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